Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vampire Hotness!

This article from Entertainment Weekly highlights their idea of the 14 hottest male vampires. For most of it, I must agree. I don't know how that knob with the dead wombat on his head ended up on the list. He's not even a vampire. But I just wanted to re-highlight some of my favorites from that list, plus one.


OMFG, *drool*. I never watched his show but you can bet your ass I watched Buffy when it first came out (you know, when it was still good). Needless to say, I'm a Bones fan now. He was the brooding, woe-is-me vampire before they were even cool. Now they're just a pain in the ass and I might have to bring Angelus back out so he can lay the smack down on the current pussies. Damn. Whatever shall I do? Where's the whipped cream?


This guy's the ultimate badass. He's just so evil and smarmy that you can't help but drool over him. There are so many of us out there that are attracted to the bad boy. Well, you can't get any badder. And you won't see this biker boy in any high school class room. Aside from the fact that he'd ignite in the sunlight like the good vampire he is, he'd shamelessly slaughter the high school nerds around him. Like he gives a shit about any of them. *snerk*


The good Lestat, not the Stewart Townsend Lestat that was all sorts of wrong. I'm talking the Tom Cruise before we actually knew he was crazy. This had to be one of the sexiest roles he ever played. Lestat is such a selfish motherfucker. A lot of people I know prefer Louis. Even when I was 11 and reading Interview with the Vampire, I wanted to tell Louis to get a tan. I couldn't stand his whining. I loved Lestat and I loved Tom Cruise in this role. He just drips bastard that I'm ready, willing and able to lick up.

I'm a have to add one . . .


Gary Oldman version. Dude, you people thought Sirius was sexy? Add fangs and a Romanian accent and well, if I went into detail, I'd have to put the Blogger warning up and I really don't want to do that. Despite the weird hair, the way he acts with Mina would so pwn Etard and his stalker tendencies. That knob should take notes. And talk about a versatile boyfriend! He can be young, old, a bat and a wolf all rolled into one! Seriously . . . one of the sexiest vampires ever.

And notice how these are all vampires worth their fucking salt? Hmmmm? And they're MEN! If they were capable and not frozen in time by immortality or shaved by production, they could grow chest hair. 'Nuff said.


Barbara said...

Let me guess the one with the dead wombat on his head sparkles in the sunlight and doesn't have any actual fangs. Oh yes I do love Angel. I wish they'd have Booth wear jeans and a t-shirt more since that's a good look for David. Okay even better would be to have him take his shirt off but I'll take what I can get.

Tom was surprisingly good as Lestat. I wasn't crazy about the idea when I first heard it but damn he did pull it off although I'll admit to drooling over Louis. Hey Brad's hot and that scene with Antonio is really hot. I still want the two to kiss.

Donna said...

Tom Cruise was pure sex in that role! I swear, it's his best to date.

Misty said...

Okay, first of all, Louis was WAY hotter than Lestat. I mean, come on.
Second: "If they were capable and not frozen in time by immortality or shaved by production, they could grow chest hair. 'Nuff said." <--- that's hilarious.
Gary Oldman was pretty dapper, and I love him, but I couldn't make it through that version. I've been meaning to try again, but...

Lenore said...

Sorry...vampires are just NOT hot to me.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

I featured all these lovely vamp men on my blog as well. Too Sweet!

I loved the tortured Louie as well in Interview with the Vampire, and David is the ultimate in teen bad boys.

Dottie :)

Addicted Book Reader said...

Angel is hottest vampire ever! I loved him in Buffy, but I never watched Angel.

L.H. Parker said...

Drool. There is something about hot vamps that just make my soul happy. It's like Christmas has come early. By the way, Gary Oldman=Hotness! Can't really argue with the list. I miss "Angel"--it was such a good TV show (except the last season).

Jessica Kennedy said...

I just started watching Blood Ties a Canadian series and the vamp, Henry, is drool worthy.

He's played by Kyle Schmid. He's adorable.

jessjordan said...

Spike would be on my list, if not for his quirky hotness than for his bad boy appeal. And you must give Buffy another chance. If you survived season 1, then you can make it past the lameness of season 4. :)

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D

Remember when Lestat (Tom baby) was on the back of that black stallion and rode it over the burning fire, then turned and looked back with this ... sigh ... yummy intensely sexy look ?! I would practically KILL for a poster of that (life size, chickadees)!!!

Though, Gary Oldman surprised me. I thought he did a great Dracula and was quite sexy. (of course, the wolf scene was a little 'hairy' ... get it? ... hairy?! my bad)

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