Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaky Friday :|: 31

Title: Fan Mail
Author: Nicole Davidson
Published: July 1993
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pages: 176
Christina Ann English, child model turned young teen actress, has just received her biggest break in motion pictures. She's been chosen among dozens of other hopeful girls to costar with Kurt Richmond, a major teen heart throb, in an upcoming horror flick called Dark Memories.
Along with Christina, a few other high school drama students are picked to be extras and miscellaneous crew members, including Christina's friendly ex-boyfriend, John Washington, and his jealous sister, Beryl.

At first, everything's going perfectly for Christina, until she starts receiving harassing phone calls. And then someone breaks into her trailer several times to leave more twisted messages. Who's been stalking Christina and wants her dead--her freaky director, Theodore Dreising; her egotistical costar who can't handle rejection; the new guy (Steve Jackson) she's just met who has a shrine of her in his gym locker--or is it someone else on the set? (from

Dun dun dun. Hey, the book cover is ever growing! Wheee! This one still sounds typical. Nothing all that original but I'm a sucker for corny horror mysteries. Sue me.

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