Monday, September 7, 2009

A Pile of Awards

Literally. Well, I was one of many (many!) listed on A Flight of Minds in the free-for-all awards post they had as a means to catch up on their awards backlog. Basically what they had people do is just take whatever, if you want to take anything.

First off, thank you guys for including me on your list! But I'm going to have to pass on just grabbing awards. I feel awkward, you know? It's like, "Hmmm, yeah I think I'm a #1 Blogger and Enchanted, etc." I just feel weird. So while I'm very flattered, I'm going to have to pass on actually snagging any.

But I was specifically named in one of J. Kaye's award posts for the Uplifting Blogger Award because she loves my little scrats! LOL! Thanks so much for this, J. Kaye! I'm glad my bite scrats could bring her smiles!

Now to pass it on. There's really no set number of people to pass it on to so here we go -

Reading In Color - For reaching out and going beyond the "norm" in the publishing world and exposing everyone to great books that they might otherwise be missing out on.

Steph Su Reads - Just because she's awesome.

The Neverending Shelf - Because I adore her blog design.

Hey! Teenager of the Year - Because Steph is snark squared and I heart it like whoa.

And those of you that got it, pass it on to however many blogs you feel like and be sure to say why they rock!
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