Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a note about my buddy . . .

Yeah, remember my buddy over at SafeLibraries? The one that brought you endless entertainment with this mindless, uninformed and just downright wrong information about how no books have been banned in the US for 50 years blah blah blah? Well, after I did some digging, I found some rather interesting information.

My buddy there claims that he is against book banning in its true sense (as in forbidden from the country Nazi-level, I guess) but feels that such decisions such as what's shelved in local libraries be left for the people to decide. Ok, fine, whatever. Such an extreme view of book banning doesn't exist in this country since it never was and isn't currently under a fascist regime but that's besides the point.

This guy's so against "traditional" book banning but one of his closest buddies is one mighty . . . person. Take a guess who it is. Go ahead. Stumped? How about this--

Ginny Maziarka.

Now you're probably going, "why do I know that name?" or "where have I heard that?"

Probably right here.

Oh yeah. The knob that claims he's against book banning is bestest buddies with the woman that defines bat shit insane. The woman that wants a gay-bashing selection of books in the YA section in order to balance the "pro-gay" books that are already there. Because it isn't fair otherwise. The same woman that wants a mere 82 YA books re-shelved and re-classified as "inappropriate" according to her virginal definition in her public library because apparently she lives with the Waltons and they shouldn't be viewing such abject literature.

Oh yeah. What a good idea it is to leave public library literature decisions up to people like this. Next thing you know my ass will be tied to a stake and I'll be drenched in kerosene.

Yeah. Oh how I laughed when I made that link between the two. And hopefully you will too. If you didn't think SafeLibraries was a knob already, hopefully you'll judge him based on the company he keeps. And be sure to read some of the glowing comments he leaves on Ms. Marm's blog. Oh he loves her so. But he's against book banning, guys. Remember that.

But just don't try to go up against them because they'll try to have the act passed as a hate crime against Christians. Tissue? Vodka? Valium?

These guys probably live by the credo of the failure-at-life Steven Anderson. I really wouldn't be surprised if they did. Not at all. Actually, considering how righteous they act and what's been said already, I half expect it. It would only further my failure-at-life opinion.


April said...

I hate when the bat-shit insane types try to dictate the lives of people around them. I mean, seriously, back the fuck off our libraries and go start your own crazy people library, hands off mine.

I just cannot believe the way those people think.

SafeLibraries said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jessica said...

I say we track the little fucker down tie him up and give him paper cuts with banned books in places he will not forget. Nazi shit head.

Well I feel better getting that off my chest. : ) hehe

Donna said...

Dur dur dur . . . deleted!

Misty said...


Anonymous said...

These guys need a good slap with a dead fish.

... just saying... >>

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