Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Support Ellen Hopkins

As you all know, there were some shenanigans with the Norman, Oklahoma school district involving Ellen Hopkins and her books. One crazy ass parent ripped into the school, demanded Crank and Glass be removed from the library and didn't want Ellen speaking to any students in the entire school district. The psycho got her wish because the superintendent is a pussy and doesn't want to actually have a discussion about something like that and would much rather just snuff it before the flame gets too big.

So Ellen's books were banned from the library and she, as a person, was banned from the school district. Neener on them that she still spoke at a local venue but, of course, no one that made the fuss about her to begin with deigned to show up. Figures, right? Surely that wacko mom had never read any of Ellen's books either. Just found out what they were about and went on a stink about them.

Now Ellen's got a local radio personality on her ass about the good of the banning, the bad of her books and the immorality she's promoting by writing such filth. Yeah, if you're not *headdesk*ing by now, you're a better person than I am.

Now Ellen's asking for your help. Go to her blog and snag the email addresses she has listed. BE NICE and send in your reasons why Ellen is a fantastic author, why her books are encouraging and why they should remain on the shelves. The objective here is to BE NICE! Meaning, don't use coarse language. It'll pretty much invalidate your point and get your email deleted. Say what you want, but say it with class.

Yeah, this coming from me. Hey, I'm not sending the guy my blog post, am I? But be sure to send your thoughts to these guys and get your voices heard and make sure that Ellen gets her day in court. She and her books don't deserve to be treated like they have by the Norman, Oklahoma locals.


MissA said...

I've never read any of Ellen Hopkins's books but they are on my tbr list! Also,, schools and libraries shouldn't ban books and censor what people can say. Freedom of Speech!
Great post and thanks for bringing my attention to this isssue. I'm appalled of Norman, oklahmoma.
Oh and pick up your award :)

Anonymous said...

I am doing this right now. Thanks for the info!

L said...

OMG! I love her books and any person that would deprive people from reading them by getting them banned is an ass(excuse my language-lol)!!

Donna (Bites) said...

LOL! Don't worry. Language is something you definitely don't have to worry about around here.


People amaze me sometimes, and in the absolute worst ways possible.

I love Ellen's books. I love Ellen. She does so much good for so many people, and all of these close-minded, first-amendment-stomping freaks can't take a step back to see that.

If anything, her books show kids what NOT to do and keep them OUT of trouble. At the very lease, some gay kid in a small southern town, that's struggling with his identity, realizes he (or she) is not alone.

Seriously. A big F U to whoever decided it was okay to ban a person from an entire school district. Shame, shame, shame on you.

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