Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW Interview Swap: Krista at Tower of Books

As you can probably tell, I'm participating in the BBAW Interview Swap and my blogging buddy today is Krista over at Tower of Books. We had an eerie mind meld thing going on because we, literally, sent each other our interview questions at, literally, the exact same time. I mean, I hit send and her email popped up in my inbox. Twilight Zone moment, let me tell you.

Anyway, Krista's a pretty cool chick so take a moment to hear what she has to say and be sure to check out her blog! Thanks so much for stopping by, Krista! I hope to see you around more!

Why did you decide to start book blogging?

Two summers ago, I came across various book blogs. I've always loved reading, and I had thought about creating a book blog before, but I felt like I just did not have time. However, because it was summer, I then had plenty of time. Previously, I had also tried having a product blog but that failed miserably, so I was ready to give something similar a try.

Is there anything special behind the name of your blog?

No. After I decided I wanted a book blog, I just thought of names, and Tower of Books was my favorite out of the list I created. I always visualize a tower of books like a huge fortress made of books, rather than just a stack. :P

What was the best book you've ever reviewed and why?

Nice question! I would have to say Paper Towns. I absolutely loved the novel, and it is now one my favorite books. I loved how John Green incorporated the theme.

What about the worst?

Probably Necessary Heartbreak by M.J. Sullivan. It just was not my type of books. I wanted to like it so much because it was my first book an author asked me for a review.

How do you feel about giving negative or more honest reviews if you didn't like a book?

I believe in giving honest reviews. If I disliked the books, I feel it is important to let my readers know. However, I try to be fair by putting in at least one thing about the book I liked in all my reviews.

What's your favorite feature you do on your blog?

Connection! I love looking up different videos to feature.

What blogs do you look to in admiration or inspiration?

The Story Siren! Followed by Steph Su Reads, Books by their Cover, and Pop Culture Junkie.

What's your ARC-gathering process, if you have one?

I don't really have one. Most of my ARCs come from various online sources such as Book Divas, In Group, Pulse It, NetGalley, and Random Buzzers.

How would you recommend to others to obtain ARCs?

*points above*

What are some pieces of blogging etiquette that you would offer to other bloggers?

Be nice, and remember the reason you (hopefully) created was not to obtain free books.

If you could give one piece of advice to other bloggers, what would it be?

Have fun!

Anything else?

Thank you for interviewing me. =)


Steph Su said...

Yay Krista! I do love her and her blog. Paper Towns is a great choice; who DOESN'T have an author-crush on John Green?

Jessica said...

Great interview. I love it bloggers interviewing bloggers. Good way to get to know each other. I'm trying to get my blog more over to books. I did try to sign up for Book Divas but they didn't accept me. Sad face. Not sure about other sites for review books. But I do love these interviews giving me all kinds of good ideas. It's nice to read about established bloggers and what they are doing right.

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