Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's get one thing straight . . .

I was going to post a review but SafeLibraries has thoroughly pissed me off so you're going to get one of my patented rants (patent pending).
"They hunt out people at other blogs and post their shit." I'm not allowed to speak with people, during Banned Books Week? The ALA stuff is on hundreds of sites and I'm not allowed to make comments to people? This from the freedom of speech police.
The offending statement pulled from the comments section of my Ban This! post. What he quoted is what I said. Apparently he's one of those people that sees things that aren't there. Some might call that delusional. Others imaginative. Me, I just call it head up ass.

I don't take well to being called a hypocrite. Because I'm not one. SafeLibraries, you do hunt out people at other blogs posting about the benefits of banned books and post your own shit in their comments. You post links to other sites, other articles, spout off on unintelligent, fact-raping "information." You did it here and you did it on my writing blog when I promoted my event here. There I just deleted you. Here I'm calling you out for the tool you are. The truth hurts, I know.

See this here blog? This Bites? This is not a public forum. This is a personal blog maintained by a single person. Me. I and I alone dictate the content and I and I alone govern what remains of the comments I receive. Of course you're fully capable of spamming other people's blogs. To your heart's content. But not this one. I and I alone give the people that come onto this blog and comment the right to a voice and I and I alone can take it away. I don't like to but piss me off and I'm not about to keep you around. I am not a government entity and am under no legal obligation to uphold the First Amendment. If I think you're being a fucking idiot and don't want your name polluting my pages anymore, I have every right to delete your comments on my blog. Go spout your shit somewhere else. But don't come here and expect me to allow you to be an idiot because it's your First Amendment right to go anywhere and everywhere and run your shit. I don't think so. You have a blog. Use it. Don't spam mine.

My blog, my rules, bitch.

Consider my blog my house. I am opening my doors to everyone to come and visit. That's giving a large amount of trust right off the bat. I am opening my doors to you with the trust right from the beginning that you're going to respect my home. Violate that trust and your ass is out the door. I am under no obligation to allow you to act like a massive tool in my home and just sit there and take it because you feel I'm a hypocrite otherwise.

You are the Jehovahs that show up at my door at 7 am on a Sunday. You're trying to sell me something I don't want and fucking-a, you're persistent. You don't understand the meaning of the word no. So it gets to a point where I just slam the door in your face and refuse to answer your doorbell rings.

You can't respect me, I'm not going to respect you. And considering you can pull phantom meanings from my comments while completely disregarding the perfectly valid and factual points that completely and utterly rebut your stance on the banning issue, I'm just not going to let you in anymore. You've shown me you're more willing to spread your spam links and throw around accusations than anything else. You don't see me on your blog spouting off in the comments. I have better things to do with my time.

I warned you twice about coming on here and spouting your shit. You didn't listen. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea.

So fuck off. You will have absolutely no written recourse on this blog. All of your comments from here on out will be deleted. I don't give a shit what you have to say anymore. You've already shown me exactly where you stand and just how you're going to approach things. If that makes me a hypocrite in your eyes, whatever. I'm sure I'll still sleep soundly tonight. But just try going into other people's homes shouting about your views and attempt to create some backlash when they kick you out. As if somehow you've been wronged. Please.

Maybe my voice in my comments section wasn't loud enough. Maybe now you'll actually listen to me and FUCK OFF! God, don't make me get the bug zapper and just leave me the fuck alone.


Benjamin Solah said...

So did someone who is for banning books just get annoyed that you deleted their comment?

Sounds like hypocrisy if they're ok with banning books but expect themselves to be able to say what they like.

Wendy said...

Hahahah! That little fuck.

That's all I'm going to say.

Lauren said...

You're completely right. I got one comment from them on my blog which I just ignored but I'm prepared to delete if necessary. As I see it, our blogs are our books. I'm not saying someone can't have their *own* book, I just don't want them scribbling idiotic comments in mine.

Stormy said...

There's aren't enough ways to tell you how much you rock.

*hands over chocolate-flavoured internet*

Donna said...

*le *sigh*

I question the gene pool sometimes. I really do.

Kate said...

Awesome post. I completely agree. Your blog, your rules. You tell that little fuck off!

Falling Off The Shelf said...

Awesome post! You tell um. They deserve a good verbal beating, and I think it's safe to say you just gave them a good one. lol.

Ranting always makes me feel better, so I hope your feeling a little better now :)

-oh, by the way, I think I spilled some grape juice on your carpet :( sorry! - lol...I hope you'll let me stay, because I do love your blog!

Jessica said...

It is such a lovely home you have here. It should not be soiled by turds like that dipshit. I do find it amusing that banning books is ok but their ranting crazy comment must be allowed to be on your site.

Donna said...

*hands over club soda*

Meh, that'll come out. The carpet's Scotch Guarded anyway. It's when people start grinding shit into my sofa that my eye starts to get a little twitchy.

SafeLibraries said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Donna said...

SafeLibraries, you fucking moron, have you been lobotomized? What don't you get? Your comments will be deleted from this post out, which includes your ridiculous "defense."

If you actually need to be told not to behave like a feral ape before walking into someone's house that isn't yours, your parents have grossly failed you and I question your ability to raise children. It's called common courtesy, you fucking tool.


Misty said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this post. I'm including it in my BBW wrap-up. I kept seeing Safe Libraries everywhere, and it was really driving me nuts. This makes me want to cheer and clap.

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