Friday, September 18, 2009


No, I'm not joking, unfortunately. A big thanks to Mari Mancusi for the heads up about this.

Ellen Hopkins donated her time (including travel and board) to a charity cause that landed her in a middle school in Norman, Oklahoma for an author visit scheduled for September 22, this coming Tuesday. This past Tuesday, September 15th, an irate parent bum-rushed the school and demanded that Crank and Glass be removed due to the content. The superintendent conceded and not only pulled the books but forbade Ellen from speaking at that school or the high school.

The upside, the librarian that organized the whole thing, Karin Perry, wouldn't let the day fall and organized for Ellen to speak at the Hillsdale Baptist College at 7:30 on Tuesday. If you're in the area, or know anyone who is, be sure to spread the word and flood the campus in support of Ellen.

Read Ellen's LiveJournal post about it all here.

Of course, the geniuses at SafeLibraries had to have their say in her comments section, posting how how no books have been banned within the last 50 years . . . on an author's blog post ranting not only about how her books were banned from said school library but how she, herself, was forbidden from speaking at that school or the high school . . . O_o Facts? Facts?! Who needs facts? We'll just plug our ears and go LALALALALALALALALA because that so pwns facts like whoa. O_o

Aaaaaaaaanyway, be sure to leave Ellen a comment on her blog to show your love for her and her work and show how moronic the entire situation is. Shame on you, Dr. Joseph Siano, superintendent of Norman's public schools. Lemme guess, you smoked under peer pressure, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

People can be so stupid, it hurts.

miss cindy :) said...

I love her books, and I'd be there if I was in the area. People are crazy sometimes. Thanks for the info :)

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

So silly.

Aren't there bigger issues, people?


L.H. Parker said...

Jeez. Ironic that this happens the week before Banned Book Week, too.

Thao said...

I've never read any books by Ellen but man that was so mean ><

Amy said...

That is so stupid. I really need to read her books.

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