Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's so stoopid it hurts

This is another re-post from my writing blog. This one, I think, takes the cake. I mean . . . just read it . . .

Like Ginny Maziarka.

She wants the public library to re-shelve what she deems as “inappropriate” reading material from the young adult section to the adult section. What is her definition of “inappropriate”?

They later petitioned the library board to move any sexually explicit books — the definition of which would be debated — from the young-adult section to the adult section and to label them as sexually explicit.

I’m sure she would name herself as head of such a labeling committee and make sure any books with kissing before marriage were re-shelved in their rightful place with the hardcore porn.

This coming from the brilliant mind that says things like–

She and her husband also asked the library to obtain books about homosexuality that affirmed heterosexuality, such as titles written by “ex-gays,” Maziarka said.

“All the books in the young-adult zone that deal with homosexuality are gay-affirming. That’s not balance,” she said.

Apparently she’s pissed off that there isn’t a gay-bashing section to strike the balance for them raunchy pro-gay books. The children need balance, after all! And shot guns and helicopters so they can hunt them some wolves.

She furthers her definition of “inappropriate” by saying -

“We’re not talking about educational material. We’re talking raunchy sex acts,” Maziarka said.

As if it wasn’t clear enough before.

But lets not forget the genius of one Robert Braun who . . .

. . . with three other Milwaukee-area men, filed a claim against West Bend calling for one of the library’s books to be publicly burned, along with financial damages.

The four plaintiffs — who describe themselves as “elderly” in their complaint — claim their “mental and emotional well-being was damaged by [the] book at the library.”

The claim, unconnected to the Maziarkas, says the book “Baby Be-bop” — a fictional piece about a homosexual teenager — is “explicitly vulgar, racial and anti-Christian.”

Because book burning is the epitome of mental stability. People, I’m not creative enough to make this shit up.

And then we’re back to Ms. Maziarka who states -

“We want parents to decide whether they want their children to have access to these books … and we want the library’s help in identifying [them through labeling and moving],” Maziarka said. “It’s just common sense.”

Because common sense is found in them books written by ex-gays and finding balance in blatantly homophobic literature.

If your ears aren’t bleeding by now, you’re a better person than I am (and still heavy that emergency room co-pay). I just don’t get this kind of sheer stupidity. I really don’t. Where do these people get off attempting to dictate to the public what they should and should not read? What makes them think that such “explicit” content is beyond the scope of a teenager? What century are they living in? As if sex in high school is unheard of. Yeah, and bitches still wear bustles.

Jesus fucking Christ. Give it a rest people, will you? You’re making a gigantic ass out of yourselves, you’re attempting to stifle the First Amendment rights of everyone around you and all for what? So your kid doesn’t read how to give a blow job? Like he can’t Google it? You know what, you don’t want your kid seeing that stuff, then don’t let them. Don’t punish everyone else’s kids (and parents) because your asshole is puckered so tightly you’re sucking up rocks. I really don’t give a shit what you do or don’t want your children to be exposed to. That’s all you. Keep them in a hermetically sealed bubble for all I care. But the second you start to infringe on my rights because you feel it’s for the greater good, be prepared for the bitch slap that your daddy never gave you but should have.

This dumb bitch talking about common sense is like Ted Bundy giving a class on socially acceptable behavior. It just doesn’t make sense. And neither does their survival this far into life. Damn you, Darwin! You’re failing me!


Wrighty said...

Don't we have bigger problems in the world today?? I'll never understand why some people feel if they don't like something the rest of us shouldn't like it either. That's MY choice to make.

We all know how it works in these cases. The people who are holier than thou and who protest too much are usually the ones with the most to hide. Hey, I'm just saying...

Wendy said...

Oh, fuck the right off. I hope that people are smarter than those dump racist, homophobic bitches and don't listen to them.

Donna (Bites) said...

Yeah, it hurts.

Lauren said...

That actually really offends me. If there's 'gay-affirming' books in a section it needs some anti-gay books to balance it out? Uh... is it not balance enough that the overwhelming majority of published books are about straight people?

And also, how downright funny is it when people who would probably contend that being gay is 'unnatural' also seem to fear that just reading a book where a gay relationship is viewed positively is going to turn any teenager who reads it?

Oh my gosh, I've just realised the romance section in my library is so straight-affirming. How am I going to get some balance there?

On the plus side, if these people didn't exist, I wouldn't be sitting here laughing my a** off right now.

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Book burning well we all know how fine a job the Nazi's did with that. Good group to follow.
Who are these people why do they exist? Really it must be to try the patience of the rest of us.

April (BooksandWine) said...

First off, love the ghastly new background!

Second, what the fuck. I will never understand the die-hard religious. Do they honestly think the kids who read are really so dense that don't know what's going on around them at school, on the bus, and wherever children hang out these days. God forbid, young adult literature reflect real life and portray sex and gay people. It's kind of like in Oregon where a district parent wanted to ban The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian because it had masturbation in it. Since clearly a 14 year old boy has never touched himself. Give me a fucking break. I bet none of those book banning types has ever stood in a high school hallway after lunch has gotten out and heard the students talk. I bet they've never sat on the back of the school bus, otherwise they'd know that books are the least of their worries. I mean if access is the issue, why not get together and try to ban the internet, since children clearly have access to porns and all that.

But then, I apparently don't have what Marizaka deems common sense.

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