Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Five Things.

I think this is a pretty insightful article on the reading habits of teens (like I need to read articles on it when I'm neck deep in the YA book blogging world, right?) What I got out of it? Teen reading is just as diverse, if not more so, than any adult that says all teens read are crap. What's the very first book on the very first list from a sixteen-year-old? The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, one of my favorite books. I actually remember seeing this on summer reading shelves last year and was a little surprised. It's a pretty intense book and I didn't read it until college. I'd love to see how English teachers are teaching that one.

So what were the last five things you read? I won't bother listing mine since all you have to do is scroll down to see my answers. I would list the last five things I wrote but since my brain's been molested my insurance inundation the last month, I haven't written anything (whichis changing tonight, dammit). How about the last five things I thought of about my writing that I hope one day people will be able to read? Does that work? See the link there? That's like, three degrees of Kevin Bacon.

1. Layla from a series I'm writing about a psychic who owns a shop in Coney Island, lives with her husband and her two guinea pigs and has the cesspool of the supernatural world constantly on her ass. I'm changing the character to make it more YA friendly - instead of in her 30s, she'll be 18. Instead of living with her husband, she'll be living with her boyfriend. The cesspool and the guinea pigs stay.

2. My fanfiction. I just opened a companion site so I can dig into the characters more outside of the stories they're in, complete with pictures and crazy insane babbling.

3. How my first ever novel, while being an immense help in the writing department, will ultimately end up in the trunk. Well, at least not subbed. I'm considering releasing it on the internet when I'm done editing it.

4. My second novel and how it's much better written and gives me a better fighting chance of getting an agent's attention.

5. Deciding which novel I'm going to write next, as the ideas just keep piling up.

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