Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazon Drop

I can no longer, in good conscience, continue using Amazon after their massive bumfuckery of a failure which they keep trying to explain away as a method of making their site more family friendly.

If someone were searching on the topic of homosexuality, whatever they were looking for, this search result would be considered "family friendly"?

(click to see the larger image and see what I'm talking about)


So Amazon only panders to the greater voting population of California and the various Bible Belts across the country? WTF are they playing at? Removing "adult" themed books that feature gay characters when Hustler's barley legal issue is as easy to get as the soap off the counter? Really?

I'm failing to see anything other than a blatant alternate lifestyle cleansing of Amazon for reasons only their top-ranking officials know. Amazon ain't for gay people no more. And they're not for me anymore. How they could do something like this and pass it off as a glitch is beyond me. How they thought this was going to slide right by people is even further beyond me.

So I've registered for Barnes and Noble affiliates. As soon as they approve my account, I'll be switching all of my book links over there. Let Amazon pander to the close-minded fuckholes of the world. I'm taking my business somewhere else.


Jen said...

Something similar happened at Amazon Canada a couple years ago, where you could see who wrote a reviews, and there were all these authors stabbing each other in the back and leaving mean ones (not very authorly!).

Benjamin Solah said...

Thanks for the heads up on B&N. I was wondering who use for affiliates instead of Amazon and was thinking Goodreads, but they link to Amazon anyway, hey?

Donna said...

Well that sucks, Jen! I'm all for voicing an opinion but being vindictive like that gets people nowhere.

Yeah, BN looks a little more intricate and I was a little confused by the application but it seems pretty similar to Amazon. Plus I use BN a lot more anyway.

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