Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Winners, Some Zombies and an eBook

First the winners -

The winner of How to Be a Zombie by Serena Valentino - insertbooktitle!

Some of people's entries?
I would rather be a Pirate. I just think eating people (me) is nasty!

Gotta go with Voodoo Zombie on this one. Why? HMM...being buried alive would suck but atleast I'd have the reanimated thing to look forward to and maybe just maybe a Harry Dresden type sorcerer to hang out with. But that kinda makes the Party zombie sound pretty good. Excellent
question...best one I've seen so far this month.

I'd for sure be a Zombster! No one says a zombie has to dress so yucky!

I would be a Classic zombie. You can't beat a classic; and these zombies have one advantage, people aren't afraid of them anymore. If they're not afraid I can totally eat their brains or turn them.

The winners of my Bites Hearts Halloween Contest -
  • First Place - Steph from Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
  • Second Place - Jennifer (Book Noise)
  • Swag Winners - Lauren, Ming Ming, Julie @ Knitting & Sundries, Jennelle S (sablelexi)
And some excellent poetry -
I am Saint Sinner.
I have flown with Angels
to see Man triumph;
I have trod with Demons
to see Man fall.

I have shouted the truth,
And I have whispered lies.
I have given hope,
And I have taken it away.

I am your dream;
I am your nightmare.
Your hope and your ruin
Irrevocably entwined.

I’ve reached for the light,
And I’ve fallen to the shadows.
Both Hope and Despair are my
Constant companions.

I am Saint;
I am Sinner.
Neither black, nor white;
Rather a shade of gray.

Too pure for Hell,
Too tainted for Heaven.
I wander this realm to see
What way the scales will fall.


The world has wilted
My bloodied feet walk alone
Longing to wilt too


I never took to looking outside my window
After dark
After that night
After what happened
To you
It may seem silly
I fear every slight
Unassuming noise
Wind scares me now
The brittle rustle of
Dead leaves swaying
You think I fear what is outside that window
But it is my reflection I avoid
The soft image of my face
My blank eyes
Looking as if someone stole my soul
And if I were to bring my lips to the cool glass
No breath would leave its hazy mark


Dead hands rising
from the ground
Rising slowly
without a sound
Dead hands reaching
through the gate
We all saw them
just a bit too late
Dead bodies being
put underground
We'll join the chorus
and bring more down


He wants to suck your blood
She prefers to eat your brain
A paranormal buffet
All of you have been emailed and I know I've received some back already. A huge thanks to everyone who put in the effort to enter and congratulations to the winners! I'm a little behind on my mailings thanks to my move but I hope to be able to get to a post office this Saturday. Don't worry! I haven't forgotten you!

Now, if you're local to Connecticut, then you'll want to know about the Halloween even going on at the Mark Twain House this Saturday, October 30th.
From 2 to 4 pm you can attend the Steampunk Tea with Miss Kitty and then starting at 4 it's Mark Twain and the Army of Darkness! Three authors have given Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Jim a zombie makeover. Plus you'll get to see a sneak preview of a movie being shot in Connecticut - Ninja Zombies! What a combination. So if you can make it, maybe I'll see you there. Check out the Mark Twain House website for more information.

And last but not least, Bree Despain's novel The Dark Divine is now available for $2.99 in eBook format until November 22nd as a promotion for her upcoming second novel, The Lost Saint.

If you haven't read it yet, now would be the perfect time. So grab it cheaply while you can!


fredamans said...

Congrats winners!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the giveaway Donna. I can't believe I won. I revcieved the book today and can't wait to break the spine.

Marty says Hello!


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