Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fright Fest + Bled

Fright Fest is back! And thanks to all that is FEARnet On Demand, I've discovered a few movies I probably wouldn't have otherwise. First up is a vampire flick called Bled.

The greater premise is that an artist falls in with a tough, and rather undead, crowd. Her uber-hottie tempts her to try this hot, barely heard of drug from Eastern Europe that induces trips that would put acid to shame. Of course, our protag goes for it and trip she does. And it's so eerily real. In this nether realm she hooks up with a vampire lover who keeps tempting her back into her dream state for more. The thing is, she keeps bringing stuff back with her when she crashes.

While high on the Gouda factor, I couldn't help but love the vampire concept this movie doled out. Yeah sure, the plot was boring at times and man, was the acting bad. But the vampires? Awesome.

Now ladies, these aren't your cuddly type of vampires. Sure, they can cloak themselves to look all sexy but underneath, they're the things under your bed's worst nightmares. The master vampire lives in this dream realm and can only escape when he's able to fully suck in a victim into his realm. The lines between this dream world and reality really start to blur the more the protag gets sucked into the drug. Not only does she show signs of sleepless nights but the girl comes back from her dreams with bite marks and anemia. It's a hint of Freddy Kruger thrown in there.

And the thing is, the girl hits a point of no return. Eventually she doesn't need the drug to transcend and that's when the shit really hits the fan. So if you're looking for a vampire movie where you can fantasize about the undead dude, this ain't it. But if you're looking for a vampire movie with a nasty ass vampire with a really cool execution on the lore, this is your bag. For a 2009 movie, it's really different from everything that's being pumped out. A breath of bloody air, if you will.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, FEARnet's back! *Cheers*

Thanks for your thoughts on Bled! It looks good. I'm going to go watch it now! (:

pageturner said...

Sounds great! We used to be able to get FearNet but they took that channel off. It wa sone of my favorites!

Cleverly Inked said...

Call me chicken but I can't watch scary movies not because the movie is scar but my imagination is scary when I sleep. lol

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