Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here's Johnny!

So I'm back from vacation a little heavier, a little tanner and a little more stuffed up. And now it's October and time to get those horror engines revving. As you saw, I had a post pop up for Bites Hearts Halloween on the first. Yes, it was nice and scheduled as I was on a tin can with wings that day. A delayed tin can with wings no less. With some much needed downtime yesterday and a little more down time today, I think I'm ready to re-begin business as usual on Bites and dive head first into Halloween's horror realm.

So all this month I'll be reviewing horror-ish books and movies (with the high potential for contests for said horror-ish books) and spitting out some other horror-related stuff along the way (and non-horror related stuff as I have a few things to get off of my plate).

Like I said in my last post, I won't be able to have an epic contest like I did last year due to my extended vacation and the fact that I'll be moving within the month (so don't be surprised if I have another short interruption within the next couple of weeks while I get things situated in my new place). But I think handing over some of my horror books that I can part with will be a good substitute.

I'll re-begin my memes this week starting with Wednesday's Book Wars (be prepared for it to be horror-filled). I'm pretty sure I'll be posting my first horror-ish review tomorrow for a book I read while on vacation. Right now it's still on its way back to me as I ended up buying so much stuff I shipped two boxes back to myself. Don't look at me like that. To be fair, some of it was stuff I unloaded from my suitcase to avoid overweight charges on the way back (my bag was overweight going but they let it slide, thank you JetBlue dudes).

Sigh. I'm glad to be back home but that certainly doesn't equate to me wanting to go back to work tomorrow. I'm still partway on California time right now. I may be hovering somewhere over Montana at the most.

I know I need to post a winner for Songs for a Teenage Nomad which I'll do within the next day or so. I'm tallying the results as I type. So look out for that winner! Also, a big thanks to all of my followers for pushing me over the 1,000 follower threshold! You bite me! You really, really bite me! Apparently I have an effect on people. Not sure what that effect is, but it's effective. Yay.

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Wings said...

Welcome back!

Hope you had a good break :D

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