Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the winner is . . .

The winner of The Girl's Guide to Vampires: Everything You Need to Know About the Original Bad Boys by Barb Karg is . . .

Breia Brickey!!!

Congratulations! I'll be emailing you shortly. And a big thanks to everyone who entered! I had some great responses for my scariest vampire question. Here are some of my favorites -

He stirs in the shadows lurking, waiting to get you alone. He is the classics vampire, not the made up cookies and sprinkles version where vampires are nice and friendly. He doesn't want you to be his friend, but his meal. Eyes glow with a luminescent yellow that terrifies you to the core as he stares at you. His steps and moments are lightning fast, you won't even get a change to realize what is happening before you become his dinner. ~ Joanna C.

Ugh! Sparkling vampires would terrify me more than anything cold, dark, and bloodthirsty. You come to expect certain things from your vampires, you know? One painted up like a Lisa Frank sticker would freak me the eff out! ~ Elle

A vampire with all the perks of SMeyer's vampires (excluding sparkling) and not caring about eating people. You can't outrun them, you can't stake them, they don't burn in the sun, garlic doesn't affect them, they don't sleep, and they're wonderful seducers. Unless you magically become a vampire or werewolf you don't stand a chance. The only thing that could help is that they're highly flammable though they could put themselves out. ~ Gnesis (unfortunately there's a point here)
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