Saturday, May 22, 2010

BEA ?s Answered + 5 And Final!

When you told us about a lady who acted like you didn't belong at the BEA, what did you say? Im worried I wont be allowed in if I encounter a person like her. What do you say to get your badge? Do you need proof of your blog?

Did I say that? I remember mentioning that I got a couple of weird looks going up into the press office but other than that, nothing. I saw a family walking around in sweat shorts and Hawaiian shirts. No kidding. As long as you have a badge, you're not going to get bothered. And you're not judged going in to get your badge if you don't "look the part." If you have your print-out to get your badge, you're all set. As for proof, when you register for the press pass, you'll have provided your blog and your credentials will be verified before you even get to BEA. If they don't accept you, you'll know before hand. No word means good to go.

Good post! I am attending BEA for the first time this year as an author, and am taking your tips to heart! If you're there this year and interested, I'll be signing INVISIBLE THINGS (sequel to THE EXPLOSIONIST - which does feature a boarding school, but not I think one of the sort to which you would definitely object!) on Wednesday at 3:30 at Table 19 - come by and pick up a copy if you feel like it...

Thank you! This would be Jenny Davidson so if anyone wants to get a book signed by her, you now know the time and place! I wish I could but I won't be on the floor until Thursday. Good luck, though!

What exactly is the YA Authors of YA Editor�s Buzz? Is it worth attending as a blogger? Do you recieve any books?

First, YA Editor's Buzz is an hour-long panel where some YA editors rave about some of their books that are coming out. I went to it last year and they talked about The Maze Runner, Lips Touch and The Devil's Kiss, among others. I don't think they had the YA Authors of YA Editor's Buzz last year, though. I can't remember. It looks like just an extension of the editor's panel, this time just the authors talking about their books and writing and stuff like that. It's something to stop by and listen to if you want the leg up on some upcoming books. No books are given out at this specific event.

So if the exhibition hall is closed on Tues what other events or things are happening to that are interesting to attend?

See the BEA schedule for that answer.

I'm planning on going to BEA next year. You mentioned that book bloggers are considered members of the press and get in for free, right? On the site, it specifies that not all people who register for a press pass get one. Is there an age limit for book bloggers who get admitted? Is there a rule of thumb for what is considered a good enough book blog to get entrance to BEA, stat wise?

I don't know what their criteria are for rejecting people for the press pass but I've never heard of a book blogger getting rejected. But your blog will need to be evaluated once you register. Last year, I'd only been blogging for about three and a half months and they accepted me. So I would guess as long as you're not someone that has three posts in three months or something like that, you'll be accepted. As for age, if you're under 18 you'll need to be escorted by a parent but you won't be denied a pass solely for your age.

I don't think stats make a difference for getting a press pass. Again, I can't say for sure what would make them deny someone a press pass but just keep blogging. You don't need to be The Story Siren to get one but have a regular posting schedule, post reviews, look like you're up to date on the publishing world and your blog is what it says it is and you'll be fine.

This was THE most helpful post about BEA that I have read!! Thank you thank you!!

You're very welcome!

I swear, I didn't plan to end on that one. It was the last comment in my spreadsheet queue. No really. It was! I swear! :)

So that's it! I'm sure some people are on their way to NYC as I type so good travels to them. I hope all these Q&As did you guys some good and I hope they were helpful! If you're still desperate to find a BEA answer to something and I haven't touched on it in my original post (which includes all subsequent answers posts), feel free to either leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks for listening!


Stormi said...

I wish I was going to BEA, there is going to be so many cool things I could probably pick up (swag) to use for giveaways..must save up for next year!!! :)

Miel Abeille said...

OMG! I'm the one who left that comment! I swear it was me! I was *thrilled* that I found your site, and your advice is super helpful. If it were up to me, I would meet you at BEA to personally thank you for giving me a little pre-BEA confidence.

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

So cool! I will definitely be heading to BEA next year... I'd go this time, but I'd already registered for WisCon the same weekend.

Still, I'm bookmarking your advice for before I go next year =)

Win a SIGNED Twilight!!

Bianca said...

WAIT. Book bloggers get in for free? That is crazy cool. Wish I could go to BEA this year but I'm only a sophomore in HS and have finals and all.

Can't wait to hear how BEA goes for you!

Suzanne Yester said...

Great post! I was trying to figure out about which category to sign up as and I finally decided to go for Book club member and make sure my my Blog (Chick with Books Blog) was what was printed as the name. Next year I will definitely sign up ahead of time as Press, heck I'm going to try to go to BBC too!

Thanks for the helpful tips!

Angela's Anxious Life said...

Wow these posts are great... please keep us posted about the armchair functions too! Unfortunately I live way in Colorado and won't make it! I mentioned you on my blog for others... you are such a big help!



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