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BEA ?s Answered + 4


How far ( by walking) is the Javits Center from the Parking Area ?
And the daily Cost of Parking ?
And how far is it from Port Authority Bus Terminal ?
Walking Distance ?

First question, I have no idea. I've never had to utilize any kind of parking in New York City as I've never driven in. I drive a stick. I'm not insane. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer that for you.

For the second question, looks like 3 avenues and 7 street blocks. Depending on how fast you walk, anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes.

Hey Donna. I was wondering a few things. First of all, do you need wristbands or anything before standing in line at an author signing? What does being a member of the press (as in bookblogging) entail?

Thank you so much for your wonderful questions and answers, you have been such a great help! Thanks again,

No wristbands needed. If you're waiting in line for a ticketed author, you do need to actually have a ticket to stand in line but for everyone else, just come as you are.

Being a member of the press, it basically means people flock to you as a means of promotion. Publishers like the press. It gets you a lot of emails prior to the event from a bunch of different publishers promoting their books, and it gets you into BEA for free. People are very eager to speak to members of the press at BEA, at least in my experience.

You've very welcome!

Do you need to bring business cards?

Do you need to? No. Do they help? Yes. I personally don't have any for my blog but I do have them. I just write my blogging info on the back. They're just an easy way for publishers to get your information. Otherwise you'll be doing a lot of writing.

When I was looking into BEA before, I totally gave up when I saw the prices, but the closer it gets, the more I see people talking about Press Passes. What's the deal with those and how much are they?

Press passes for BEA are free for members of the press. Book bloggers are considered by the BEA organizers to be members of the press so if you have a book blog, this is the pass you register for. Otherwise, unless you're some kind of educator, bookseller, whathaveyou, you're not going to be able to get into BEA without some kind of link to the publishing world as it's not open to the public.

1) In Badge Categories which do you choose as a blogger:

ABA Bookstore Member

Enter your 6 digit ABA Member Number
Book Club Member
Film & TV Production
Book Industry Professional
Licensing, Rights and Literary Agents
Non-Editorial Media
Non Profits & Associations
Published Author
Publishing Consultants & Agencies
Publishing Personnel/Editorial
Check Registration Status/Add Special Events

2) how much is registration fees for all the days?

I'm not going this year but I am trying to plan ahead for next year.

See above question. If you're a book blogger, you register for a Press Pass. As for the rest, I really can't comment on as I've only ever registered as a member of the press. Plus I don't know who/what you are, as in what you do, so I can't rightly comment on what you should register for.

Badge pricing can be found at the BEA website.

What is the difference from autographing area and in booth signing? And the products they sign says book, galley or postcard. Does this mean whatever they sign is what they will give out? I dont want to stand in line if the scheduale for that person says there just signing a postcard.

Last but not least, is it good to go on the first day? Like on Tues? Will they have ARCS handed out on Tues? I know they due wed and Thurs. Just want to check.


I think I went over the differences in my last answer post. The autographing area is a large open area in the corner of the Exhibition Hall where authors are scheduled to sign. Booth signings mean the authors will be at their respective publishers' booths out in the greater Exhibition Hall signing. As for what they sign, for the most part they'll be signing books/galleys. The postcard people, for the most part, are the non-fiction authors and the like. It's up to you what you feel like standing in line for.

It's always good to check out the event hours to see what's going on when at BEA. The Exhibition Hall isn't open on Tuesday; only Wednesday and Thursday. ARCs will be given out both days the Exhibition Hall is open. Personally I don't think one day is better than the other. They're both equal in terms of signings and what's being given out.

At this point I'm going to ask anyone that has a question to read through my main BEA Tips post to see if it's already been answered. Also, please check the BEA website to see if you can find your answer there. I really don't mind answering everyone's questions. In fact, I enjoy it! But some would be fast to find by spending a few clicks on the BEA website or just browsing through my tips post.

All other questions, comments, concerns, I'll be taking them until midnight, EST this Friday, the 22nd, so I have time to get everything up this weekend before BEA officially starts. So get them in before then!


Rebecca Herman said...

I can answer one of these! I took a car in last year. There are some parking lots extremely close to Javits. They are expensive but I do think if you want to drive getting a space in a close parking lot is worth it because of all the heavy books you have to carry. I plan to do the same again and if I get a free bit of time to make a trip to the car to drop off some books.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the new layout!!!

Donna (Bites) said...

Thank you for the addition, Rebecca!

And thanks, Leilani!

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