Thursday, May 6, 2010

BEA ?s Answered + 1

Dur for me for not putting a name slot in my Google form thingy. If you want to add your name when you leave a comment or question, just tack it on at the end of your typing. There's enough space.

Do we really get to go to signings and the publisher's booths? Do we have enough time for both?

Yes and yes! Both the signings and the publishers' booths (including the signings at the publishers' booths) are all in the Exhibition Hall and you are fully welcome to wander around the booths and go to signings. You will certainly have enough time to do both if you schedule. As I said in the original post, it may seem like a really OCD thing to do, but if you're working with a schedule you've made for yourself, you'll know where you need to be and when and it'll free up a lot of time in between otherwise used for running around trying to find things. How much time you have is entirely up to you! Depends on how much you want to see.

Mmm I kind of disagree on the jeans thing. I think it is better to do business casual. I wear my work clothes: khakis, nice shirt, and my Vans.

Make sure you put all your books IN the box. Last year Alea put a few on top and someone stole them.

I don't really trust that bag checking area. Last year, I walked right in and took my bag without showing anyone my claim ticket.

I wish Vans were in my company's business casual repertoire! For that, do what feels comfortable for you. When authors and publishers' representatives are walking around in jeans and t-shirts, it's hard to dress up more. But you certainly won't be looked at funny for wearing jeans.

I'm not sure with this second part means. Maybe in reference to checking bags? Yeah, I wouldn't leave anything exposed. People are very grabby at BEA and if they see books, they will take. Guard them once you have them.

To part three, well that sucks! I didn't have a problem but then again I have doinked around hostels and I guess leaving your bag in an area like that is based on mutual trust. You don't touch my stuff, I won't touch yours and that's the end of that. Remember, these are adult working professionals, not any-schmo on the street (not that that means they're honest by default, I'm just saying) but like with clothes, do what's most comfortable for you. I know some people are driving, parking close and will be making book runs back to their cars.

For signings, are you allowed to bring some of your own books?

I'm not sure of the correct decorum for this but I wouldn't. One, you're carrying extra weight going in. Not a good place to start. You want as little as possible on your person going onto the BEA floor because you're going to have a lot hanging on your shoulders. Two, signing authors are promoting specific books when they do these signings and the signings are designed to move really quickly. Trying to have them sign something else on top of the book they're already signing will hold up the line. I just don't think it's good decorum to bring something else.

I wore jeans last year... I'm trying to figure out if capris would be acceptable... just because I was kind of warm last year... hmm.

I say go for it, either jean or khaki capris. Like I said, you want to be comfortable. If you think you'll be too warm in jeans, go for a flowing skirt or capris. I don't think Bermuda shorts would be all that bad but I wouldn't go any shorter than that. That's toeing the line a little too much.

More to come in the next post! If you have questions, concerns or comments that I haven't addressed in my original BEA Tips for BEA Newbies post or here, just ask away in the form below!


Alea said...

Haha ok this is what the person that mentioned me is referring to. The last day, Sunday I had my box full to the brim and set 4 books on the top since they wouldn't fit inside, I was coming back in an hour to ship and it didn't want to walk around with the books in my backpack, bad idea. Came back and they were gone. Not sure if people go into the shipping boxes but they definitely grab stuff from on top of it. So yes, lesson learned!

Donna said...

LOL! Okay! Yeah, never leave anything out like that!

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