Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BEA ?s Answered + 2

And on we go . . .

Let's pretend I want to get a book signed by Richelle Mead, how early do you recommend getting in line to wait?

I'd say 15 minutes is a good time to head down to a line. It won't get you at the front but you won't be a mile back, either. Depending on the author (like RL Stine, for instance), people can start lining up as soon as they possibly can, say a half hour or 45 minutes in advance. But remember the lines go super fast, even for their length. 15 minutes is a good safety net, I think.

Where can you find a whole list of authors, that way I can check off who I want to see?

Also, would you advise going three days straight?

What days are just YA or Romance?

Authors in the autographing area can be found here and for the in-booth autographing you can go here.

I think the Exhibition Hall is only open two days this year. Signings are only two days, I know that. But that's entirely up to you. You get to see more going all days but it all depends on your own personal cost planning and what you can afford.

As for genres, everything's all mixed in together so there aren't specific days for specific genres. You have to hunt them down.

What does it mean when authors are willing to sign? Do you stand in line for their book even if they are only signing book or postcard?

For the most part the authors are signing their books, usually something that's been newly released or will be released. You don't need to bring anything to the signing itself. The books and whatever else is being signed will be handed out once you get up to the author at the table.

For signings, do you buy the books there at the signing? Or do you need to buy the book that the author is signing slightly before so you're ready for them to sign?

Check out above. No buying is involved with author signings. They have a stockpile of books at their feet that they're signing and they just hand them off to you. Sounds like a dream but I swear, it's real!

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