Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not In My School (13)

Not In My School is a weekly feature that throws out one YA lit cliche a week to compare to my own high school days. Because we all know how accurate those fictional nuances are . . .

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Unsympathetic parents

BUT YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!  Of course.  Because parents were born at the age of 30, having previous skipped their own teen years for the comfort of a prolonged womb . . .  I'm always put off by parents in YA that give their kids the brush-off, don't give them the benefit of the doubt and generally don't believe a word out of their mouths because that was the polar opposite of my own upbringing.  Unless the kid's a compulsive liar, or a constant complainer, why wouldn't the parents have a shred of sympathy?  That makes no sense.  Aside from the fact that teens have a tendency of blowing things out of proportion, that would also make me assume that parents don't know that, and thus make them seem far more idiotic purely for the sake of amping up the teenage MC.  Boo.  Let's give parents some credit, please?  Most of them aren't total uncaring dicks.
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