Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not In My School (11)

Not In My School is a weekly feature that throws out one YA lit cliche a week to compare to my own high school days. Because we all know how accurate those fictional nuances are . . .

Super douche love interest

Not to be confused with a bad boy or stalker, although the terms are not mutually exclusive, the super douche is incredibly full of himself and believes his shit to be the awesomest on the planet.  Let me tell you, I had my own super douche love interest except he didn't start off as a super douche.  When I liked him he was a genuinely nice guy (summer between 8th and 9th grade) and we hit it off really well.  Get to high school and around his friends and he became a hot piece of shit and shunned me right out the door without even having the balls to do it himself.  I then watched as his douchiness progressed throughout the rest of high school and holy shit was I glad I was shunned.  No thanks.

What I don't get is reading about these girls that drool after guys that have a long standing reputation as douche bags whom they've known for a while.  Like you've been going to the same school for years, you know he walks around with his head up his own ass yet you still drool over him.  WTF?  Most girls, when they find out a guy's a douche he gets ugly.  So what, exactly, is appealing about a douche bag?  This isn't really bad boy syndrome in a Cry Baby sort of way.  The guy's just a dick.  Is there a drive to de-dick a guy?  I don't get it.  Obviously it's psychological and it may or may not make my head explode.
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