Saturday, February 13, 2010

80s Awesomeness! ~ 50

This Sucks!!!

Believe it or not, this wonderful term was another hell spawn of the 80s. Where would we be without the ability to describe something so loquaciously in the negative? Pretty sucky, don't you think?


jacabur1 said...

I so need to do one of these with my poor tabby in our swimming pool looking like a drowned rat on her way to the side to get out. I love the 80's and what would we do without these little gems of wisdom that they spawned. Thanks Donna, LOL Cats is the cats meow!

jackie b central texas

Wrighty said...

Ah yes, another oldie but a goodie! I remember that term didn't go over well back then. I guess it was the visual! Now everyone is just used to it but then you got some shock value when you said it in front of your mother or grandmother! :D

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