Sunday, August 12, 2012

And Then My Life Burps

So this past week I was on vacation.  Technically.  Except it was more of a scouting mission.  Last year it was recognizance.  Soldier boy and I have been talking about a major move for over a year now and I don't just mean across state lines.  We're crossing time zones here.  With this last trip it officially cemented our plans and things are now official . . . we're moving!  The blog, it's staying in this space.  We us, we're leaving the land of snow behind.

We're currently here -

Not in either of those cities, mind you, but in this state.  I've officially wanted to leave it since 2007.  Snow sucks, cold sucks, ice sucks, allergies blow dogs for quarters and it's far too damn expensive to live here.  And yay for retroactive taxing.  Thbbpp.

Soldier boy, while not a native like I, has lived here long enough that he too felt the same way.  So we started planning.  And throwing darts at a map, basically.  He was the one that originally threw this state out there.  My initial reaction was, "it's landlocked."  Seeing as how I have an irrational fear of landlocked states it wasn't really on my radar but after the original recognizance and realizing the ocean is a mere four hours away, and a west coast ocean at that, I was pretty much sold.

Adding a cost of living that's literally half of what it is in Connecticut, their record snow fall amount of .08 inches twenty years ago and my ability to surf in non-crappy non-sound water and I was waiving the state's flag.

Except in terms of politics it's pretty much the total opposite of Connecticut.  And I mean total ying and yang opposite, from gun control to women's reproductive issues to blue versus red, opposites.  Yes, I'm a little leery of moving to a state with a hyperactive legislature that passes bills allowing doctors to withhold vital pre-natal information from parents if they believe it'll lead to an abortion.  That's horrifying.  Thankfully Planned Parenthood is on top of that shit like Sally Struthers on cake.  But if the state explodes we'd be bookended by more liberal states that'll help me protect my uterus.  So it's a slightly easier pill to swallow.

With that being said, this is where we're moving, if you haven't figured it out yet and don't follow me on Tumblr or Pinterest -

It was 114 degrees out there this past week and I'm still okay with it.  Why?  Because 114 with 10% humidity is far easier to deal with than 95 degrees with 87% humidity.  Yes, 114 can get really unpleasant if you're walking around in direct sunlight and you do need proper sunglasses that actually function so your retinas don't burst into flames.  But you don't feel like the air is being sucked out of your lungs.  New England can keep it's humidity.  Give me the desert.

So, yes, it's one hell of a move.  Over 2,500 miles of driving across a country that's mostly tinder box.  The preparation has been relatively easy but that drive is going to be pretty awful.  Neat, but awful, taking it in 9 hour clips.  I fully plan on making us stop at the tacky places in the Midwest like the giant ball of twine.  Gas requirements are going to force us to stop every few hours anyway so might as well get the tchotchke in.  Not to mention it'll be just the two of us moving things in once we get out there.  In 110 degree heat.  At least our place is on the first floor.  And the central air will be set to sub-Arctic.

With that being said things might get a little sporadic around here since my belongings aren't going to pack themselves.  And then once we start the drive posting will stop until we have internet set up at the new place.  Our first priority is air conditioning so it'll be one thing at a time.  You'll still see me for the next few weeks but just so you have an explanation ahead of the game as to why my posting will get a little sporadic for the next month.

Life happens.  I'm okay with it.
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