Sunday, August 12, 2012

WTF is Wrong With This Picture?

Oh hey!  Yeah, I'm back from vacation and I have some MAJOR LIFE-CHANGING NEWS to report but I'll get to that later because if I don't talk about this now my head may explode.

I've been seeing this cover around the blogsophere for a little while now and every time I see it I hear a fork scraping against a plate.  It's just such a nonsensical cover that I end up tripping over it.  I mean this chick might as well put a velvet bag over her head for all she can see.  But super awesome sword wielder!

IT'S KILLING ME!  C'mon.  She's wearing chain mail over her eyes?  WTF sense does that make?  Is her name Charles Bronson because this girl's got a death wish wearing that thing.  Unless this is an elaborate game of pin the tail on the donkey I don't know about.  Not to mention after a while she'd have a forehead that started at her crown and no eyebrows.  OMG this bothers me.  Irrationally so.

I understand authors have very little influence on their covers and as of late covers aren't doing too great of a job matching what's actually in the book.  In that same vein hooray for kick ass female katana slinger on the cover.  Kudos.  Except she's about as effective as Blinkin in that gear.

Hopefully it's just a piece of flare used for the cover and fighters don't REALLY wear chain mail over their faces in this book.  I'm well aware that face guards in general can be a bitch to see through.  Anyone that's been in a catcher's mask knows this.  But . . . that's chain mail.  If she goes in direct sunlight she'll end up with a grill on her face, it's heavy to begin with, it'll rip out every hair within reach and SHE WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE OUT OF IT.  Already this book is at a disadvantage for me because the cover is just downright ridiculous.  That shit would have to be magical two-way chain mail or the MC would have to have x-ray eyes for it to be of any use other than looking bad ass.  Except that badassitude shrivels pretty quickly when you realize she couldn't get out of her own way because of it.  It sounds like a decent book but the cover . . . has me going NO FUCKING WAY already.  Bad.
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