Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things I've Learned from Books + 163

Posted weekly, you get, for absolutely free, a bit of knowledge learned from the books I read. I just couldn't keep this wealth of information to myself. That would be cruel. It will keep your gray matter happy. And happy gray matter keeps it from de-evolving. De-evolving is bad. You don't want to be sludge, do you? Or a fish?

Woods are creepy.  This I've known.  But my readings only further solidify my feelings that there's far too much shit in the woods that can hide behind trees and shrubbery and kill you dead.  This is why I'm moving to the desert.  Big open expanse of nothing.  No sneaking, no sleuthing and most saguaros aren't big enough to hide behind and one certainly can't climb them.  I'll take it.
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