Friday, August 3, 2012

New BLACK ISLE Trailer!

The second trailer for Sandi Tan's THE BLACK ISLE has finally been released.  It's much more vivid and rich than the first and it's a good lead-in to an excellent novel.  And when you get a chance be sure to check out an article/interview with Sandi in the LA Times!  It'll give you some more insight into the book.  Just don't actually think it's another TWILIGHT knock-off.  It's not.  There aren't any vampires and I'm pretty sure the relation was made to sucker in more Twireaders because apparently not only are they ravenous for anything just like TWILIGHT but they'll buy anything that even mentions the word.  If it helps sell the book then hooray but the reality is it's nothing like TWILIGHT.  Read my review for proof.

The Black Isle from John Lin on Vimeo.
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