Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seven Realms Week!

Since I was first introduced to the series I've been shouting about how awesome Cinda Williams Chima's SEVEN REALMS series is (titles including THE DEMON KING, THE EXILED QUEEN and THE GRAY WOLF THRONE). So when Emily asked me if I wanted to be part of her Seven Realms Week that she was hosting, of course I jumped on that bandwagon. But it's more than just a celebration of an awesome series. It's giving you chances to win a set of signed books! How awesome is that? You know what's awesomer? Two sets of signed books to be given away!

You have two way to enter into the contests.

The first way is to go Twitter-happy. Take one of the images below and change your Twitter picture to it (the ring for Clans, the crown for the Queen's Guard and the amulet for the Wizards). Then every time you post throw in the hashtag #sevenrealms and be entered to win! The more you enter, the more entries you get. And you can comment on the Provo City Library's Facebook page for an entry as well. They are sponsors of this event, you know. Show them some love. So here are the images for your Twitter avatar -

So get Twitting!

Or if you life puzzles, you can take a blog hop to the list of blogs below all this week and collect puzzle pieces to create a word. When you have a guess as to what that word is, email it to emilysreadingroom@gmail.com with the subject SEVEN REALMS WEEK. If your guess is correct, you get an entry!

The lovely list of Seven Realms lovers -

Tuesday, September 13: Donna at Bites
Wednesday, September 14: Reading Teen, Emily's Reading Room
Thursday, September 15: One Librarian's Book Reviews
Friday, September 16: Candace's Book Blog

And here's your puzzle piece! Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to holler at me or you can contact Emily directly.

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