Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ban This! Author Bites - Deb Caletti

Deb has already written a fantastic blog post on the subject of book banning because one of her books has had that pleasure, if that's what you want to call it. Based on her blog post, she's patting herself on the back for joining the ranks of other authors banned. She gave me permission to repost her entire post but because I'm all for driving traffic to the websites of awesome authors, I'm just going to post an excerpt, and then you can head on over to her blog to read the rest. It won't take long, and I'll be well worth the time.

Books are information, ideas, and they are open doors. They provide empathy at hours you would never call a friend or family member, and they broaden our own ability to be compassionate human beings through shared “experience.” Censorship limits information, tell you what to think, closes doors. It is judgmental, always, limits our ability to be compassionate by teaching righteousness. Nothing I could write would be as shocking and offensive as censorship itself. Censorship is a hand against your mouth, your hands tied behind your back, a blindfold over your eyes. It’s oppression and control, and were it not done by people in suit jackets, it would be called an act of violence.

Read the rest here. You can visit Deb Caletti here. She's the author of such books as STAY, THE SECRET LIFE OF PRINCE CHARMING, and the banned book, QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.
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