Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Have Spawned

If you thought I was pregnant, please proceed to punch yourself in the face and then go get some ice. You'll need it.

A little while back a soon-to-be book blogger contacted me about a potential title for her soon-to-be-blog that just so happened to match Things I've Learned from Books verbatim. Shit happens. It's not an uncommon line. But can I express to you all how I nearly peed myself when this soon-to-be book blogger actually contacted me to ASK PERMISSION to use it? For serious? She actually GOOGLED the title to see if anyone else had something like it, where she stumbled upon my meme and me. Holy shit, what a concept! Google! Considering the shenanigans I've been through in the past with my shit getting lifted, I checked myself to make sure no pee came through and gave the girl my story. Talk about a FANTASTIC foot to start off on. A newbie book blogger that has her shit straight to begin with? Woohoo!

While I don't have the exclusive right to the Things I've Learned from Books title, I expressed that I'd like to keep that line to my blog if I could simply because that's a major thing that people know me for (seriously, when people meet me at BEA, a compliment about Things is usually what comes out of their mouths). I offered some tweaks and she graciously took them. So recently What Books Have Taught Me was born.

I don't normally expressly promote other blogs on my site outside of my blog roll. It's just not my thing. But I was so floored by the intelligence and poise of Lex that I had to give her a helping hand to start her out. She only has a couple posts up now but her review style is truly unique and I think she's going to be an awesome addition to the book blogging community. So be sure to check her out!

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