Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ban Factor

In honor of my Ban This! event going on, at the end of every review I post this month I'll be tacking on what I'm calling the Ban Factor. The book in the review can fall into one of three levels: low, medium or high. They shall be rated thusly -

Low - A rather innocuous read, the book banners will REALLY need to dig for something to challenge this book with. They'll probably find it anyway.

Medium - The chances of this book being challenged and/or banned are decent but it could fly under the radar. It probably has some swearing in it and if it does have any kind of sexual references, they're pretty buried.

High - Book banners will be going Cujo to sink their teeth into the likes of this book. It'll probably have multiple issues with it that cause the pressure inside the banners' heads to increase to a painful degree and which can only be alleviated by pitching hissy fits about the loss of their children's' innocence at the hands of corrupting authors.

My review for THE MAGICIANS by Lev Grossman is the first review of the month to have the Ban Factor attached to it. Look for it in my reviews for the rest of September. You'll find them just under the bite rating.
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