Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Begins 30 Days of South Beach

I'm feeling a bit on the fluffy side. Case in point, I split a pair of work pants today, at work, right down the crack seam. Thank the clothing gods I was wearing an extra long shirt. Another example? My comfy shorts from last year? Now snug.

I went on South Beach last year around this time and lost about 8 pounds in 2 weeks. In a completely healthy manner. Actually losing 8 to 10 pounds in the first two weeks on Phase 1 is expected. Then I kind of pittered off but kept the weight off. Then I went on vacation for two weeks and gained a couple of those pounds back. Not too bad but I felt it. Then soldier boy came home from deployment and we've been eating like fat kids since the end of November. Multiple meals out a week. It added up in the belly and in the wallet.

Now I'm uncomfortable. Would I call myself fat? No. I'm not concerned with scale weight; just
how I fit in my clothes. The exercise required for me to lose weight is detrimental to my joints and general pain factor. I'm pretty much relegated to yoga and walking my dog. So I need to eat properly. Which I do a lot of the time, mainly from South Beach. But I need the kick start of Phase 1 to really get going.

Of all of the diets I've seen, South Beach, I think, is the easiest and least restrictive, except in Phase 1. Phases 2 and 3 are pretty broad in what you can eat. Phase 1? Not to much. No sugars, no carbs, no fruits, limited nuts. It's pretty much protein and vegetables three times a day with two snacks a day. It's actually quite a bit of food a day and I have a really hard time eating the amount I should be eating. I just get too full.

And that's the good thing about South Beach. You don't starve. You eat until you're full and since you're actually eating the right foods, portion control takes care of itself. Follow it and you will lose weight.

The thing is you're only supposed to be on Phase 1 for two weeks, not because of health reasons but because your choices are limited and the meals get monotonous. The ability to mix it up keeps you motivated to stay on the diet. But I'm doing 30 days of Phase 1. Boring here I come.

But it works. That's why I'm doing it. And I figured if I posted about this here, it'd give me more motivation to stick to it because people other than myself know that I'm doing it. Mental motivation and all. I'd be doing it not only for myself but so I don't sound like a failure to the people that ask me about the diet. The sugar withdrawls should only last about a day and then I'll be good. Lets see how long it takes me to get sick of spinach.
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