Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Days of South Beach: Week 3

Well, I started incorporating small cheats into the diet so I'd thwart the Starvin' Marvin look I would inevitably go for and the weight loss has dropped off, but it's still going at a not-so-alarmingly quick rate.

This week I only lost an inch and a quarter, bringing the total to 6 inches lost in these three weeks. Only one and a half of those inches have been on my hips. Mother's ass!

My hips are the bane of my existence. Ever since I hit puberty I've been hippy with a bit of a bubble butt and nothing to balance it out on top. I am well proportioned if I wear the proper clothes (ie: no skinny jeans, I'm not a fan of looking like an upside down bowling pin) but it has chapped my ass from the beginning that I need to buy a size up for pants just to get them over my hips. And the thing is, I'm not all that fatty in that area. Not really. Realistically speaking I could probably only lose another inch or so before I start hitting bone and would need to lose butt. And that's never happened in the history of my ass's existence.

So here I am, a size 8, with 4 inches of space when I hold out my pants (legit like that chick in the picture) against my waist. That's a pain, especially when a lot of the clothes I buy are tailored for narrower women. That's why I love Pin Up Girl Clothing so much. They're vintage clothes made for women with figures so while I may not be able to fill out the tops too well (I don't buy tops from them for that reason), their bottoms fit fantastic and they look effing good. The styles are just made for chicks with hips. How could I go wrong?

Still, it's annoying to go out and buy jeans. Exercising does quite literally nothing. Last year I exercised for 8 months and while I toned my legs nicely, my hips stayed nice and pear-shaped. Urg.

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