Sunday, June 12, 2011

Added to the Pile + 81

Got a short stack this week from an orgy of different places.

I was a winner a few times over with Armchair BEA and one of the prizes I won was a Walden Pond pack of two books -

The first two books in the Archer Legacy series. Super excited to read them.

I'm participating in a book tour at the end of the month so from Bloomsbury I received -

Look for my review June 30th.

I got a gift certificate present from a BN fairy so I used it to fill in some of my reading gaps -

The two sequels because I loved the firsts in each series so I wanted to keep going with it. The Rick Riordan book because I saw the movie and loved it. I wanted to see how the book compared. From what I hear the book is far better.

And from PaperBackSwap -

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