Monday, June 13, 2011

Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods by Judith Page and Jan A. Malique

Published 2010.

Let your imagination unfold, glimpse a land shrouded in mystery, and become enlightened through the profound spiritual truths of an ancient land. This dynamic book enables you to work with the Egyptian gods and goddesses - and gain deep insight into your nature while experiencing a full awakening of your consciousness.

PATHWORKING WITH THE EGYPTIAN GODS takes you deep into the Egyptian Mysteries, bringing eighteen major deities to life through guided pathworkings. After a soul-level initiation, you will tour this ancient land through astral travel techniques, commune with the gods, and bear witness to ancient Egypt's history, mythology, daily life, and spiritual practices. Discover the enduring legends behind the deities and connect to their potent energies with rituals, meditations, blessings, consecrations, hymns, and their sacred names. (book back blurb)

DNF. What really turned me off was that at the very beginning, it chastised other pathworking books for being nothing more than glorified short stories. When I started reading, most of what I found was . . . short stories. Maybe they would mean a lot more if I was actually experienced with pathworking but the way they were told, I couldn't help but feeling this is exactly what I would experience if I did it, as if my own experience wouldn't differ at all.

If you don't know what pathworking is, it's basically a form of meditation used to heighten to your own awareness of yourself. It's a means for seeking meaning in your life. It takes meditation a few steps further and actually puts you into a transitive state where it's intoned that you will witness what it is you're seeking to witness.

I'm not casting doubt on any of this. I got the book because I thought it was interesting. But it's not for beginners in the slightest. The introduction is short and then it jumps right into the pathworking. I wasn't comfortable with it so that was something I didn't like. And the other issue I had with it was its own insistence that it wasn't just a collection of short stories but something more when all I saw was a collection of short stories.

Like I said, if I was more familiar with pathworking I probably would have a greater appreciation for it but since I'm about as noob as they come, I was kind of turned off by what this book offered. I would have liked to know from the back blurb that it wasn't for beginners. If I would have known, I wouldn't have taken the time initially.
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