Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Series: OCD to the End or Ditch 'Em?

Wandering around the blogosphere I tend to see a lot of people that review a first book in a series and not be thrilled with it. But instead of going nope, I'm done, they make some kind of notion of continuing to read on. Which prompts me to ask the question, why?

If you didn't like the first book in a series, why in the world would you subject yourself to more of the same books that you really didn't like when there are so many MORE books out there that you probably will? On a writing forum I'm on I've seen people mention that they're just OCD and feel compelled to finish the series almost regardless of how they felt about the first one. Others, like me, say screw it. Because really, I'm not going to waste my time on an entire series when I could barely make it through the first one.

Or maybe you like the series and you're carrying on with it but you're not all that compelled to finish it. Maybe you just don't have the last book and you're not eager to go and get it or you'll get to it later or whatever. What do you do then? Do you note it for later and carry on, do you make a concerted effort and read it or, again, do you say screw it?

Me, if I don't like a book, I'm going to stop reading it no matter where in a series it is. Or if I'm not thrilled with the series, I'm just not going to continue. I was wandering around Borders the other day and I was noting series that I had started and wanted to complete. In my note-taking I came across ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG by Ally Carter, the most recent book in the Gallagher Girls series. In about half a nano-second I realized I had no desire to continue reading that series. I'd pretty much had my fill of it by the third book. Don't get me wrong: I liked the books I did read. I just don't feel the need to travel further down the line.

But series I'm loving? THE DEVOURING by Simon Holt, THE LOOKING GLASS WARS by Frank Beddor and THE IRON FEY by Julie Kagawa, among others. These I want to keep reading. One book I have in my pile waiting. The other two ship from Barnes & Noble tomorrow. But again, if I'm not impressed by subsequent books, I will stop reading them. Just because I look at my TBR pile and want to cry. I'm not going to read a book I'm not all that thrilled about reading when I have so many more that I really do want to read.

So what do you do with series? Stick them out until the end or screw 'em?
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