Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 Days of South Beach: Week 2

I've been throwing in a few cheats into the mix. Nothing too major. Went out for dinner last Friday since solider boy was headed to annual training for two weeks. And then I had a work lunch yesterday. For dinner today I threw in some corn chips. But despite all of that? I'm still down another 1 1/4 inches from last week, bringing the total number of inches lost to 5 1/4. Nothing to sneeze at!

The only kind of a pain thing is that I slimmed down from the waist up pretty quickly while I still have a nominal amount of junk in my trunk. Of those 5 1/4 inches, only one inch came off of my hips. If I could program weight to drop off from only certain areas of my body, I totally would. As it stands, if I lose a substantial amount of weight, I'll start looking like a Starvin' Marvin with a ghetto booty. Weird look if I say so. Another reason why I'm throwing in cheats every once in a while. I don't need anyone turning my chest into a glockenspiel.

The important thing is my jeans don't suffocate me anymore. One pair is still a little snug but another 1/2 minimum I should be good. Yay!
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