Friday, November 12, 2010

Freaky Friday :|: 84

Title: Witchlight, Night World #9
Author: LJ Smith
Published: December 1997
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Pages: 227
Keller is a black panther. She will do whatever it takes to survive. Keller meets her match when she’s hired to protect Iliana Harman, a blond ditz whose only concerns are clothes, boys, and parties. Can Iliana be the legendary Witch Child, one who can fend off the end of the world? Galen, the gorgeous boy destined to be the Witch Child’s soulmate, and Keller are falling in love, but it’s a love that will destroy everything. Keller knows she has to give him up — but her heart won’t listen.

Meanwhile, the Night World is closing in, to kill all three of them. (from
And . . . scene. I think I've had it up to here with the soulmate books. I just may have checked out about 4 steps ago. Why MUST these stories center around a soulmate issue? Why? I think it would be a perfectly good story without it. You know, I get the teen love thing. I really do. But soulmates? Is that the only way to propel plot? Yeah, I know. These books came out before the craze but suffice it to say, there's a definite motif running through Smith's books that would have kept me away even in 90s context.

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