Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Wars (28)

It was a landslide of fur last week for Wereling. Who's going to take alpha status this week? You be the judge. FIGHT!

John and Margaret Begbie are picnicking with their parents in the Black Forest when they are mysteriously spirited back through time into the Middle Ages. There they meet Mardian, one-time servant and closest friend of Duke Otho, ruler of the country. He tells them a terrible secret - he is under the enchantment of the evil sorcerer Almeric, and is forced to assume a wolf's shape every night. Unable to return to the castle, the children are his only hope. And so John and Margaret disguise themselves as children of the court and embark on a thrilling and frightening quest to reveal Almeric's true nature and gain the Duke's confidence. But then Almeric becomes suspicious, and suddenly all their lives are in danger... (from


Under a spell that makes him half wolf, half boy, teenage runaway Ron learns to move easily between the world of punk elves, humans, and half-breeds in Bordertown and the magic world of the Faerie. Although he moves adeptly from world to world, he discovers there is no way to straddle the pain, the horror, and the sweetness of growing up human on the border of the Nevernever. (from


The Lovely Reader said...

It's going to have to be A WALK IN WOLF WOODS because the other one I would never pick up :)

fredamans said...

Never Never

Indigo said...

Never Never. Definitely a worthwhile read. I remember reading this years ago. It's the sequel to Elsewhere. Thanks for reminding me about it. I listed it on my wish list at Amazon - so I don't forget to order the two books to read again. (Hugs)Indigo

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