Saturday, July 10, 2010

80s Awesomeness! ~ 71

Street Fighter!!!

You know you loved this game. You know, if you had it on your own gaming system, you tried to move those controllers to high hell and back to get those kicks right. Or, if you played in the standard arcade version, you beat those poor little red buttons into submission, and quite possibly into the console itself. I will still gladly take this 2D rendering of street fighting awesomeness over the 3D renderings any day. I just can't get my brain around them.


Jevron Mc Crory said...

Awww Street Fighter 2! While my mates were out hanging on street corners and getting into trouble with the law, I was perfecting Dragon Punches. I eventually ended up rinsing most of the kids in my school out of their dinner money. I became pretty much damn near LETHAL at the game. It IS, in my humble opinion, the best game ever developed! And it's ALL ABOUT RYU BABY!

Donna said...

I was so addicted to this game. It was bad.

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