Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skeleton Creek - New Age Reading

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman is a new way to read a book. Or watch a series. Or read a book. Series. Book. Series. Boories.

Strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek . . . and Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it. But after an eerie accident leaves Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, their investigation takes two tracks: Ryan records everything in his journal, while Sarah uses her videocam to search things out. . .and then email the clips for Ryan to see.

So you get half the story in book format and the other half in a sort of fictional video blog by visiting the site www.skeletoncreekisreal.com. What do you think? Would you read this? Watch this? Watch/read this? It's a format melding the current technological climate and traditional book reading. Does this ruin the essence of a book? Make learning about the story more cumbersome? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Worth giving it a try.

Donna said...

Meh. It could be cool but for me I'd have to be really into the story to put all that work into reading/watching it.

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