Friday, March 13, 2009

Freaky Friday :|: 2

Horror Whores marches on . . .

Title: The Claw
Author: Carmen Adams
Published: November 1995
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Ecstatic about her new job at the local zoo, Kelly ignores the disturbing phone calls that threaten her to stay away, until a panther is let out of its cage, and the entire town is terrified by bloody claw marks that appear everywhere. - from
Under the Adams pseudonym, here's Scholastic's first thriller from successful teen writer Carol Anshaw. In Claw, Anshaw fashions a shivery tale of teens terrorized by a leopard that has escaped from the zoo--or is it something else? Original. - from Fiction
This one's pretty scant on information. The same information is repeated across a few websites, where I can actually find something. Creepy nonetheless!


sharonanne said...

I just picked up a copy a while ago. I love the cover.

Donna said...

Nice. I know, isn't it neat? I plan on getting back all these books. For $1.25, how could I not?

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