Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harry Potter Rakes in the Bucks

Whoever said books today were expensive have never bid on a rare first edition of Harry Potter before. According to CNN.com, this limited print paperback sold for over $19,000. Damn. They're charity proceeds, of course, but still. Damn.

The way they describe it; a paperback limited printing of only 200 copies that were released before being mass produced. Does that sound like an ARC to anyone else? On top of all of that, it was autographed. Imagine getting your hands on an ARC of the Sorcerer's Stone. Holy shnikes. Depends might need to get involved. And credit counseling.

That still pales in comparison to the $50,000 winning bid of a hand-written and autographed prequel of the series. $19.99 doesn't seem like so much money anymore, does it?


Anonymous said...

I would KILL for a signed Harry Potter book.

prophecygirl said...

Jeez. WOW.

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