Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have ten biters! Having only had this blog up for 21 days, I think that's pretty good. That's all I wanted to say. Carry on.


LisaMay said...

Woohoo! Lucky number 10 :)

robin_titan said...

hehe congrats!

Also wanted to stop by and say how I think it's AWESOME that you dyed your hair with kool aid, I had never heard of that before until I had read Absolutely Maybe. :D I'd do that with mine..but my hair is too dark :(

Donna said...

And it's thanks to you, LisaMay!

Thanks, Robin! LOL! I was doing that ten years ago, at least. I can't remember if we actually used to foil it or just dip is in a glass of Kool Aid and hold it there but I definitely remember the stick mess it made. My hair really is too dark for it too but it did tint it a little, especially if I used the really bright colors.

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