Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harry Potter Giveaway!

I don't know about you but I love free things. I also love to give things away. That's one of the reasons that the majority of my belongings that I no longer have any use for get donated, including my books. If I'm going to have a contest, I want to give away new copies of books, and books that I love instead of my cast-offs which is what the donations end up being. Considering the nature of my reviews, I just don't feel comfortable going, "I couldn't stand this book, you want it?" Doesn't seem right, does it? So any contest that I host will be books that I loved to read, and hope you would too, including this first one.

Now, while I said I want to give away new copies of books, which I do, that's not really an option with these. I spent 6 months living in London in 2006 and while there, I collected the paperback UK versions of the Harry Potter series (and one hardbound, which I still have, it's a first edition, would you give that up?).

While I think they're pretty neat keepsakes to have, I think they're more deserving of a bigger Harry Potter fan (not that I'm not a big fan but at this point I don't need two sets of the books). That's where you come in. What's up for grabs is the entire set of five paperback UK editions of the Harry Potter series. All of these books are pre-loved (and, uh, Goblet of Fire was pre-loved by my dog, Malfoy, just a little, he's a hellspawn) and they did travel with me so they're not pristine but their condition is nothing to complain about at all (considering what they went through, anyway).

You want them? All of them? Here's what you do - leave a comment on this post telling me what the craziest/wackiest/nuttiest thing you did for Harry Potter. I'll assign numbers to the posters and choose one at random when the contest is over. Simple, right?

Want some more slips of paper in the hat?

Link to my contest from your site +1
Follow my blog +1
Add me to your blog roll +2
Post about my contest on your blog +2
Something else? +3

Be sure to tell me what you've done in your comment (and link where needed) so I can allocate the points correctly. I don't want to gyp anyone! If you post multiple times, I'll only count it as one in terms of comment points.

The giveaway end date will be midnight, EST, on February 25th. Two weeks from today and the giveaway is open to US residents only (I'll have broader contests later on). I'll announce the winner on the 26th. If you don't leave me some way to contact you, you'll have a week to contact me about the prize (it's only fair, I only check my readers once a week myself). If I don't hear anything, you forfeit the prize and I pick another number. Got it?

Any questions? Just ask. Help me spread the Harry Potter love!


Anonymous said...

Craziest thing? Would creating two characters of my novels based on the stars that play Hermione and Ron (Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) count. Plus bury a devious reference to a certain Auror (not a main character but a fan favorite) in the same manuscript count as well?

Oh wait, I have one more. I wrote an entire Bible for a Harry Potter based TV series, all 7 seasons/series, 12 full hour episodes.

Donna said...

That would definitely count as crazy! You're in, dude!

runa said...

Wow. A Bible for an HP based TV series? That sounds epic, wish I could see it!

I'm sure I've done much crazier, but the one that comes to mind is stealing one of those countdown signs they had everywhere for Deathly Hallows. My proudest moment, hah ^_^

Posted about this contest, and I'm definitely going to follow you :)

Anonymous said...

I have yet to transcribe it to my computer. And the fact is that I don't have the clout to even approach J.K. Rowling with this and I doubt very much she would go for it considering how protective she is over Harry.

Donna said...

Thanks, runa! I appreciate it so much and thanks for entering! Points for you!

Pink Ink said...

The craziest thing I've done for Harry Potter??

Let my 8 year old stay up past midnight reading Harry Potter 3 or 4 I forget now.

My kids are ON FIRE about Harry Potter. If I win this, they will think I am the coolest Mom in the whole world :-).

Donna said...

Thanks for entering, Pink! You can get more entries if you post about it on your blog, link to it or any of the other things I have listed. Feel free to do whatever!

Steph Su said...

Oooh, cool. When my French class went to France (alas, I didn't go cuz it was too expensive) they bought me back the French translated version of HP1, which was exciting. I just love seeing all the different covers for the different countries!

I'm following you now, and I've linked to this contest in my sidebar. Thanks!

stephxsu at gmail dot com

Steph Su said...

Oh shoot. I just realized I forgot to answer your question. Um, I don't believe I did anything crazy (I'm not a fan of, well, fandom), but I did go to the midnight release for HP7 and braved the hundreds of crazy, hyped-up people at the Barnes & Noble! It was an experience, to say the least.

Donna said...

Thanks for entering, Steph! And don't worry about not doing anything too crazy. I haven't really either, unless you count joining fan forums and writing fanfiction. But I can definitely think of worse. I went to the midnight releases of the last two books, one on each coast!

Farrah said...

Hmm, craziest thing? Apart from writing fanfics and attending the midnight party at barnes and noble, I dont know. But I CAN tell you the craziest thing that HAPPENED to me about harry potter!

I was seven years old and I had just read the first two books of harry potter. The next thing I know i wake up in the morning with a old-looking letter on my blanket that said i was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!! I was so happy and excited, and actually packed my stuff to leave. I was absolutely torn when my parents told me my sister had made the letter as a joke and that there was no such thing as hogwarts.

I hope that's good enough and i have a chance to win!

Donna said...

This contest ended in February. Check the box above the posts for current contests. Thanks!

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