Monday, February 23, 2009

Locks of Love

I did something pretty drastic this past weekend and it had nothing to do with an airplane or a parachute. I cut off about 18 inches of my hair and this weekend it's going to be shipped down to Florida to be part of a wig made for disadvantaged children who lost their hair due to a medical illness or treatment.

Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that collects hair donations from anyone willing to give them (granted they have enough in the pony tail) to make these wigs. It's not about finding a cure or paying for a treatment but giving children back their self-esteem. These are some gorgeous wigs and I'm happy to know that my hair will be part of one (hopefully the treatment process will get rid of the frizz!).

I just wanted to share this little bit with everyone. If you have long hair, boy or girl, and are looking for a change, donate the stuff you cut off. It'll go to a good cause.

I went from this--

To this--

And from the front--

I've had short hair before so it definitely wasn't much of a shock to see all that cut off but I can definitely understand the trauma for some people! In my profile picture you can see my hair straight. Not as long as this but in a different style.


Steph Su said...

Oh my goodness, that's really nice of you! I've been wanting to do that but I'm not sure if they'd like super-chlorine-damaged hair. Your short hair looks cute, though!

Donna said...

Thanks! If you go to the website they do have limitations on what they'll accept. I don't think you can have dyed hair (although they might accept some) and I know they won't accept bleached hair. It has something to do with the processing that it doesn't like treated hair.

I used to have ultra bleached hair. Never again!

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