Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freaky Friday :|: 122

Title: Nightmare Hall: The Initiation
Author: Diane Hoh
Published: August 1994
Publisher: Point

Molly's a lonely freshman looking for friends. Creepy Norman wants her to join his group called the Others, but they're weird. When she makes new friends, Molly happily forgets the Others. But will they forget her? It seems the Others aren't going to let Molly go. Not without a deadly struggle. (

Joining the Others, a group of outcasts whom she thinks are just lonely students like herself, Salem University freshman Molly Keene realizes that there is something very wrong about the group, but finds there is only one way to leave it. (

I wanted to include both blurbs on this one because they each make the book sound pretty different. I'm definitely more intrigued by the second blurb than I am about the first. It plays off more like a secret society thing than another stalker story like the first blurb does. I'd still read it either way, just for the cheese factor.
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