Monday, August 22, 2011

ARC Reading Challenge COMPLETED!

Another one bites the dust. Only five more challenges to go, a couple of which I'm super-close to completing. You can check out my completed ARC Reading Challenge list here. Now I can start zeroing in on the niches because I have some pretty hefty gaps to fill!

Two slots left to fill in the Old School YA Reading Challenge. Thirteen left in the Horror and Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge (not bad but not all that good, either). Only a single slot left in the E-Book Reading Challenge (which will be completed with my next review). Ten left for the YA Reading Challenge (not even sweating that one). And a whopping 33 left on the Off The Shelf Reading Challenge. I might have to crank out some of those Goosebumps books I have sitting in the pile to fill out those numbers a bit. Eep!
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