Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ban This! 2011

Oh yeah. It's that time of year again where we all band together and spend a month incessantly mocking the ridiculousness of book banning and challenging. That's right, folks. It's time again for Ban This!

Ban This! isn't anything intricate. All I've done is taken the American Library Association's Banned Books Week celebration and extended it for the entire month of September. Why? Why not? What's a week to stick it to book banners when you can have a month to make fun of them until they stomp their feet in red-faced fury? Really, it should be the whole year, as book banning douchery does not adhere to the confines of a Judeo-Christian calendar but this complements Banned Books Week so well, I just couldn't resist.

What am I asking you to do for Ban This! if you want to sign up? Not much. Just bring attention to banned books at some point during the month of September. Post reviews of books seen on the numerous banned books lists out there. Post about your experiences with banned or challenged books a la #YASaves or #SpeakLoudly. Bring attention to book banning asshattery and rant to your heart's content on how moronic these people are. Get authors on to talk about their books being banned. Anything to do with banned books works. There aren't any frequency requirements, no totals that you have to hit. If you're going to talk about banned and/or challenged books or banning bumfuckery or any general idiocy surrounding censorship and reading, sign up, grab the button, spread the Ban This! love.

If you find censorship of the book variety to be even nominally stifling, sign up for Ban This! If you feel parents should stick to parenting their own children, sign up for Ban This! If you think kids shouldn't be chastised for reading, sign up for Ban This! Let's all band together and tell those censorship nazis to stick it, to BAN THIS! If you're so willing, please help me get the #banthis hashtag started on Twitter and don't forget to grab the button to the left.

To register, just drop your name in the link widget below. If you have any questions, just holler. If you're good to go, I look forward to shouting BAN THIS, MOFOS!, with you in September.

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