Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Eclectic? Really?

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my email account the other day to find an email from the organizers of Book Blogger Appreciation Week letting me know that I've been long-listed for the niche category, Best Eclectic Book Blog. For serious?

It always amazes me that I get thought of for stuff like this. Because in order to get nominated for one of the categories, others have to write in your blog name. So the fact that people are thinking about me at all for something like this blows my mind. And it was most likely more than one person doing it. I don't know how many nominations a blog has to get in order to be long-listed but even if it's just one, holy crap!

So thank you to everyone that slotted me for Best Eclectic Book Blog. Thank you for thinking of me at all, really. It makes everything that I do here worth it. Even if I don't get short-listed, it's an awesome feeling just to have been on the long list. Thank you all again.

In order to finalize my nomination I had to submit five links to bookish posts that would best demonstrate my eclecticism. With the aid of Soldier Boy, I narrowed it down to the following five -
What do you think? Did I choose well?
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