Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YA Historical Fiction Reading Challenge COMPLETED!

Woohoo! Check out my completed list here. Yeah, it's super short but considering everything that I've been reading, and since this challenge is so specific, it's bound to be a bit shorter. I have a few others in my sidebar there that are only a couple books away from being done so at least those aren't far behind.

The Off The Shelf Reading Challenge is what I'm failing at most right now. Everything else, if I'm not almost done with it, I'm on par for finishing it by the end of the year. The OFS? Eeek. I'm pretty behind on that one. I really need to tackle the books that have been sitting around for a while. Maybe when I haul out a few of those other challenges I can focus more on my standing pile.The beginning of the year I focused more on ARCs than anything else but now that I can gear more towards the rest, I can read books that double-dip into multiple challenges. Small legal cheats like that help me out.
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